Monday, September 3, 2012

For my baby boy who's growing up....

Dear, sweet, 10 month old baby, Timothy,

No one prepared me.  No one told me how much I would adore this “9 month phase”.  That phase everyone talks about, when you suddenly realize how independent you’ve become with all your crawling, and come back to home base a bit more- wanting to be held, not letting me leave the room without you, and so forth.  But baby boy, I do.  My heart melts every time you crawl across the living room as fast as can be.  The way you give up and begin to cry if you’re not getting to me fast enough.  The way you burst into a smile when I get you, or you reach me.  The way you tug at my legs and try to pull up.  It all takes my breath away.  I love how big you’re getting….but I love the reminder that I’m still your home base- that you still aren’t quite big enough to tackle the world on your own.  I love how much babywearing we get to do again, since you don’t like me to leave the room without you.  I love the way you nestle into my back oh-so-happily (after, of course, arching as I try to get you on there….can’t break old habits!) in the wrap or Kanga.  I love watching you grow up- the way you’re starting to pull yourself up to stuff – and the way you find the tiniest things on the floor.  I love how you look at objects from every angle, holding them in every position in your hands whose coordination are getting pretty good.  I love how you adore Vivi, and look for her when she isn’t in the room.  I love how you play with her and follow her around, and get SO happy when she gives you attention- which is often, because the love is mutual.  You two make me so thankful you have each other.