Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Finding Art in Babywearing

Ben pointed out to me recently how much of an art babywearing is.  As someone for whom babywearing is not only something that works for us, but a passion and even a hobby, that idea appealed very much to me.  We were walking and I noted that though my Kozy Carrier mei tai just wasn’t working for Timothy on the way to the park, it worked fine for Vivi on the way back. 

It’s really rather beautiful how unique and individual babywearing is.  I’ve long believed different carriers work for different women.  But I’ve learned since just how much the baby has to do with it as well.  Not only their carrying preferences, but how they’re built, how big they are, etc.  Most of the carriers that worked well for Vivi and I haven’t been favorites with Timothy.  There’s an aspect to knowing my babies and finding something that works for Timothy and I….and Vivi and I….and Ben and Vivi…and so forth.  It’s creating music- each “couple” producing something different, but equally beautiful.

It’s a little frustrating in helping share the babywearing love, of course, because so many moms try a carrier (usually a B’jorn or equally un-ergonomic carrier) discover it’s thoroughly uncomfortable and decide they simply can’t babywear.  Or many moms can’t afford to explore and find what works well for them….or aren’t interested enough to put the effort into trying to do it economically or at all.  Babywearing’s rare enough that the artful side can be frustrating for mamas and make it more difficult to spread babywearing love.  But….

It’s beautiful and rich and rewarding when you find just the right way to be close to your little one.  It’s special to have a favorite carrier for Timothy and I….and fond memories of different ones for Vivi at the same age.  It’s rewarding to search and try and find something we both love.  And since I don’t create art on paper…babywearing is my masterpiece.  It’s what I put my creative energy into.  Though it doesn’t fill our walls with rich colors, or our home with notes of music…it fills our lives with beauty of the richest sort.  Our walls echo with laughter.  The corners of the room watch as beautiful, unforgettable snuggles take place.  As rough days are smoothed out.  We explore the great world together.  We laugh, snuggle, and are soothed to sleep.  Yes….this is my music.

And so, I’ll keep learning to dance better- for there’s always room for improvement, and just when you think you’ve got a hold of something, a change occurs.  Because my family’s worth it…and because this is what I love.  And when my arms aren’t big enough to hold my children – my babies – anymore….I’ll learn new dances.

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