Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Our New Wrap!

Last week, I bought a new wrap....a size 4 Didymos petrol fishies. It was instant love when I tried a friend's petrol so when I saw one on FSOT on The Babywearer, we decided to snag. Because I could spend forever trying to decide what my 2nd wrap will be. This one's perfect for summer- being shorter and super lightweight. Yay for summer wrapping!

Let's just's hard to say who of the three of us (kiddos and I) like it best. Everyone loves it. And in the week we've had it, it's seen way more love than our co-sleeper ever did in the 2 years we've had that. (sold co-sleeper, bought wrap...methinks it was a good trade-off.)

All smiles, snuggled with mommy....

Mission accomplished....who wouldn't fall asleep in such a soft, cushy wrap? (not that Timothy always falls asleep, or ever falls asleep easily, but....)

Pic from a different day....evidence of another time fallen asleep (that time on my back)...then plopped down on mommy's bed for optimal nap potential.

Vivi loves the wrap! She kept looking at it and feeling it and spreading it out....

And smoothing it over her lap....

First time wearing it, a few minutes out of the box....and after spending 5 hours walking around at the zoo with Timothy....but we were so excited to try it on. Vivi loved getting to go first!

Vivi loves getting wrapped! Since she's so much older, she's so easy....she just lays there still and snuggles into my back. Fun! The other day, she asked me to "wrap! back!" when Timothy was asleep... ;-)

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