Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Like Mother, Like Daughter (or, in which Vivi begins her babywearing adventure!)

(written 2/7/2012)

When we were down in Lynchburg, VA last summer (for Ben’s intensive classes at Liberty University) Viviana and I got to visit the Kozy Carrier mei tai home and meet Kristi….so much fun! While we were there, Kristi gave Vivi her own Kid Kozy (thanks, Kristi!). Since Vivi wasn’t walking yet, I decided to set it aside for Christmas or some special holiday. At Christmas, Vivi was just taking her first toddly steps…still not quite up for babywearing, so I still kept it aside. But over the past week or two, crawling has phased out and Viviana is officially a walker! 20 months old…and in timing that was perfect for her. She’s taken her time in becoming independent, but man is she heading that direction- sometimes it feels a little too fast. J

A bit of background before the next part: Viviana calls our ergo, beco and mei tai “walks”. They all get the same name because they look similar – and they’re called “walks” because the ergo is what Ben always carries Vivi in when we go for walks. My sling and wrap are both called slings….and sometimes, when Timothy’s fussy, Vivi tells me to put him in the sling, since he sleeps in the wrap. J Otherwise, she tells me to nurse him. Yeah- she’s already a bossy, attentive and caring older sister!

This morning, she was trying to put the beco on, and quite proud of herself as she exclaimed “Mama, walk!”. And then I knew….it’s time. Today is the special-occasion day. So I told her I had a fun present, and to get her baby and come to the living room. She quickly came toddling in with her babies, and I showed her the mei tai and helped her put it on. She was so proud and so excited! And so adorable. It was a rather heart-bursting moment. It’s incredible how much influence we have on our little ones from such an early age.

And you know what she did, first thing? Multi-tasked. Because, of course, that’s what mom does. She grabbed her shopping cart, filled it up with stuff and started walking around oh-so-proud, knowing she was doing it just like mom. She kept looking down at her baby and then waving her arms around to show she didn’t have to hold it.

And I melt. I love this mothering business!

Tandem wearing her two babies....yes, I need to make a sling that fits her! She put the sling on all by herself, and even got it on right (as far as, over one shoulder, under the other arm)...I just had to put the babies in and tighten it up. Yeah...and I have issues trying to put it on myself on the opposite shoulder of what I usually do, or help someone else unless I stand behind them.

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