Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What I Fed My Daughter (and the rest of us) For Breakfast

Creamy, chocolaty-peanut buttery goodness….and 100% healthy! It also works with our upcoming sugar and grain fast- I foresee this making the breakfast menu at least once or twice during that season!

I’ve been experimenting with green smoothies this week, as part of our incorporating more veggies in the diet. And today’s was super delicious. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be able to survive the sugar fast now, because I don’t have to give up chocolate all together. Yay!

Loaded with veggies, protein, healthy fats and fruit, it’s a balanced all-around winner. We ate it with an egg casserole from the freezer, but it’s really filling, so it’d work by itself for breakfast, too. If you have a source for pastured eggs, you could try throwing in a couple of those, too- we’ll be trying that soon! I really love that this and other green smoothies get so much lettuce and other greens in Vivi, since she still can’t chew up lettuce very well, so what she gets is pretty minimal. She gets a pretty large “salad” drinking the smoothie, though!

Green Chocolate-Peanut Butter Smoothie

-a handful of dates (about ½ cup…I soaked mine overnight in water, because they’re really old and kind of hard- if you have a Vitamix, though, you probably wouldn’t have to…and soaking for just a little while would work, too. You could exclude the dates altogether; we’ve found that they make a nice counter-balance to the bitterness of the greens without adding sweeteners.)

-6 cups of slightly-smashed-down greens (Excluding kale or spinach….this week we’ve been using endive and red leaf lettuce, next week I’ll get something different to experiment with. I like doing a mix so we can get variety without it being too bitter.)

-Plenty of milk (1 ½-2 cups, probably)

-Heaping spoonful coconut oil (2 TBL)

-Several spoonfuls cocoa powder (1/3-1/2 cup)

-2 large spoonfuls peanut butter (1/4-1/3 cup)

-4 bananas, frozen or not, or a mix (depending on consistency you want- we used frozen)

Blend up the dates in their soaking liquid, or in some of the milk. Add ripped up greens and milk, blend well. Add remaining ingredients, and blend again. Dish up and enjoy! -fills 6 cup blender-


  1. Mmm. This looks yummy. I will have to try this!

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  3. I love a green smoothie in the morning. Single serving, made in a tiny blender. 1 handful (as much as you can grab in one hand) greens (spinach is best, kale doesn't blend as well), half a banana, maybe half cup orange juice or almond milk. More liquid to make it easily drinkable. You can add other stuff without noticing - a raw egg, lecithin, flax seeds, etc. - to make it even healthier. Mmm!

  4. I'll have to try this, looks yummy!

  5. Mmmm...sounds good! Green smoothies are a GREAT idea to get greens into toddlers who can't chew very well...why didn't I think of that?! :P Thanks for sharing!

  6. Yes, it is delicious! Now that we have pastured eggs again (thank you, Melissa!) I want to try omitting the peanut butter, and adding a couple raw eggs and some mint extract to make a chocolate mint smoothie. I think it'll be rather yummy....! :-)

    Yeah, Jessica....that thought didn't occur to me till Vivi was guzzling her's down and it was kind of a "well, duh" moment. Oh I know! Veggies and little ones have been difficult for me, since it often means doing something separate/special for them (especially if you eat a lot of salads) smoothies are feeling like the perfect solution. Plus, I think I'll be getting pretty well in the habit of making veggie purees to add to stuff, so hopefully by the time Timothy comes around, will generally have stuff on hand and REMEMBER to get it out. :-D

    Sounds good, Steve! I was thinking recently I needed to ask you about your stand-by smoothie recipe, since I recall hearing it was a green one.

  7. What a great idea!!!