Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My daughter's enthusiasm...

I don’t particularly like grocery shopping. It’s not that I’m absolutely opposed to it- and there are some fun elements (for instance, getting a great deal, or balancing a budget, or shopping with my mom and getting to spend time with her), but…it messes up my day. It sacrifices time that could be spent at home, getting stuff done. And I know that I have no room to talk, considering the stores I use on a regular basis are all within 5 minutes, and typically, I’m there and back (try to keep it to 1-2 stores) within an hour. Milk is a separate trip (also about weekly), currently, and takes 30-45 minutes. I know some of you spend more than that amount added up just in your driving. But anyway…

Once a week, I plan on it happening, and just look forward to having it over with. At least, that used to be the case. I get us ready to go early in the morning, and accomplish various odd-jobs with Vivi till Timothy’s taken his first nap. As soon as he’s up, we bolt and try to be back before he’s exhausted and ready for 2nd morning nap.

Last time, though, I was really blessed by Vivi’s enthusiasm. She’s always loved grocery shopping (at least, since she was about 6 months old…and especially over the past 9 or so months), or going places with me in general. The older she gets, the more she expresses that. Ben’s offered before that while he’s working at home I could leave Vivi and just take Timothy if I wanted….but that’s definitely not an option; Vivi loves it too much. For some reason, her enthusiasm really struck me on our last trip.

She was pretty sure she knew where we were going when she saw we were going somewhere without daddy. And when I turned the car in the direction of the store, she had no doubts- and she got really excited. She laughed and made excited noises- and if she wasn’t buckled in her seat, she would’ve been dancing. She talked happily and excitedly all the way to the store, while I chatted back about what all she was going to help me get, and so forth. We had so much fun, Vivi and I. We were spending time together doing something that she loves.

And suddenly…I love shopping. I’m looking forward to our next trip and the one after. It isn’t just a hurdle in my morning anymore- it’s an opportunity to spend time with Vivi. A chance to let her know what a big helper she is, as she holds my lists for me, talks to Timothy and does other odd things. It’s also a chance to share with her why we buy what we buy, and how we like to prepare our foods. She anticipates getting to eat certain things when we get home. And, it’s a chance for her to say hi to lots and lots of people (whether or not they say hi back doesn’t daunt her- though she loves it when they do). Viviana soaks it all in, loving every moment of it. Me too.

Since I’ve had the option of leaving Vivi home with Ben, one of the main reasons I’ve opted to always take her with me is the training field- besides that we just aren’t ever separated. I don’t want to someday have to take her and multiple other children with me for some reason, and have them all have no idea how to behave in the store…and thus, be overwhelmed and stressed. Certainly, that’s been an advantage- she is very well behaved in stores, and knows what to expect- but that’s only been a small part. I’m richly blessed with a sweet shopping companion who makes the time enjoyable. And I am so grateful we get to shop together.

*So far, Timothy’s mostly just along for the ride- and I enjoy getting to wear him. We’ve finally turned a curve so that it’s usually a happy curve, since he’s sliding into a beautiful sleep routine, equaling the ability to shop when he’s well-rested. But I smile at the months to come, and wonder what he’ll think of shopping.*


  1. How fun! Cedar too LOVES going grocery shopping, especially since he's been able to have his own kids' cart the last couple times we've gone (to Trader Joe's). It's SO FUN to watch how proud he is of helping and putting things in his cart...and he's always so well-behaved as well. And when he's allowed to pick out a "treat" (an all-fruit leather bar) and then hand it to the adorable! Especially this last time we went shopping, my heart about burst with how much fun I had with him. :)

    1. TJs sounds like a fun place to shop. I could totally see Vivi loving the shopping cart deal. :-D Plus...I get kind of jealous at mention of all the yummy real-food-ish stuff you find there. :-D Vivi loves getting special treats, too, when that happens....usually just some type of dried fruit- healthy treat options are kind of limited at a regular grocery store. LOL- the first time we did that was definitely a learning trip in store behavior and waiting (without screams!) till checkout to open it. :-D Since then, though, she hasn't had any issues- probably because she understands what to expect and that she will get to eat it.

      It seems like growing up going to the store (or wherever) does have a huge impact on how well they do in various settings. I've talked about that some with my mom before- when us older kids were young, she took us everywhere, of course. But then once we hit babysitter-age, she just left the younger kids home with one of us- or with dad on the weekend. Grocery shopping's a brief getaway opportunity for her. But consequently...several children only shopped rarely and you could tell. :-D (not that they were truly bad...they just weren't used to the experience) Since then, she's started taking various kids on shorter trips more often, and this round of youngsters has it down pretty well again. ;-)

      But's fun to see how well natural "training" works in instructing your kids in life. And Cedar sounds adorable- I bet many people enjoy their shopping experiences when he's there!! Don't you love those heart-bursting-happiness moments?