Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Menu Plan 1/9/2012 – 1/15/2012

As I’m continuing in the excitement of changing our diet and working on even healthier living than before, I’ve been contemplating over the last few days not doing so much at once that I get burned out. And quit it all. I can tend to be a “jump in” kind of person, once I’m certain that one route is the way I want to go. So I’m going to work on purposely pacing myself and my experiments in manageable chunks, so that it’s practical to fully integrate them into my daily life. For instance: I’ve been reading about fermented drinks lately, and I can’t wait to try some of it. It sounds healthy and like it could be a good source of energy, and a good thing to supplement for some of our water intake. But I think I’m going to try to wait a month or two before experimenting in that direction….till soaking/sprouting grains and beans, consuming more veggies, etc. are habits I could do in my sleep.

On to what’s happening in the kitchen this week….

Monday- rotisserie chicken, potato salad, soaked bread, stir-fried broccoli and peppers (amazing meal, by the way….all of it)

Tuesday- Carmichael’s (my family’s)…I know we’re having chicken salad (as in, salad with chicken in it- there’s always confusion between that and the chicken/mayo sandwich deal :-)). I think I’ll bring sautéed sunflower seeds and hard boiled eggs to add to it.

Wednesday- Graber’s (Ben’s family)…and celebrating Ben’s birthday with fajitas. I’ll bring black refried beans.

Thursday- Ben’s birthday….Mexican rice/black beans/seasoned beef stacks (do you see a trend here?) with plenty of fresh veggies. Raspberry cream pie for dessert.

Friday- Steak, potatoes, salad, green beans (grill extra steak for steak stir fry salad next week)

Saturday (start grain/sugar fast)- probably Carmichael’s again. I’ll probably just help with dinner prep over there (we usually go to family’s mid/late afternoon)….no plans on what we’re having

Sunday- church fellowship at Graber’s….we’ll do black refried beans/sour cream for the potluck. Might bring something veggie-laden, too, depending on my supply by Sunday- it’ll probably be low.

Extras for the week: cream cheese and whey (experminet- check!), 1 gallon yogurt, lacto-fermented mayo (experiment), chili lime almonds, possibly 5-10 lbs sprouted grain (need to borrow my mom’s dehydrator for that one). And broth made with the bones from the rotisserie chicken....which makes the best broth ever.

Breakfasts: fruit or chocolate green smoothies (every breakfast), breakfast burritos, scrambled eggs, cinnamon rolls (for Ben’s birthday), possibly granola one more time before the fast.

Lunches are usually leftovers as much as possible. :-) When you consume an incredibly yummy diet, everyone loves leftovers!

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