Monday, January 23, 2012

Menu Plan 1/23/2012-1/30/2012

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Well…here we are at the beginning of a new week already! :-) Last week, Vivi and I ended up doing a ton of “extras” in the kitchen, which was a lot of fun. Ben started student teaching, and with him gone all day, it’s been fun to work out a new routine for the kids and I. So far, something Vivi and I have really enjoyed, is working in the kitchen together. It’s been fun to pass things on to her and teach her as we’re going, too- such as explaining why we wash and soak the beans (a process she loves!). So far, we’ve been spending at least part of both Timothy’s morning naps in the kitchen, making dinner and/or extra stuff. Today we started a sourdough starter- we’ll see if it gets anywhere this week! Otherwise, though, I don’t have too many extras this week…planning to focus more on sewing and housework, but we’ll see. The kitchen’s a very tempting place….

We officially have till Saturday left of the grain fast, but I partially broke mine this past Saturday. I was having some (minor) physical issues towards the end of last week that I wondered if could be caused by diet, so made a batch of soaked tortillas and have eaten some of those. Not sure if that was the issue or not…or sub-products of not eating grains, such as consuming less fats or not getting enough of the right kind of proteins. I still have been limiting my grains since then (about 1 tortilla a day, toasted with butter), to sort of carry out the fast with Ben. I felt like just the week fast had positive results, though- I can’t wait to get back to baking since we have way too many good recipes currently tossed to the way side- but at the same time, I feel like I haven’t been as much of a grain-addict, and after the first several days, started craving them less. I’ve also (currently) lost the desire to eat any yucky grains- store bought breads, white products, white tortillas, etc. We’ll see how long that lasts… :-D The sugar fast is starting to get a bit easier, too- though, again, there’s lots of yummy things I’m looking forward to making again. Especially since Ben’s bringing home fresh milk today. And absolutely nothing beats homemade ice cream….current addictions is lightly sweetened with a small amount of honey, with peanut butter and homemade chocolate chips. Yum!

By the way- the alfredo chicken sauce over broccoli and cauliflower, lightly steamed, was incredible. It will definitely be seeing the table again soon- next time with a side of a hearty bread! We don’t do pasta super often, since it’s something I haven’t really made from scratch (did a few weeks ago for the first time, and hope to again…but it’s time consuming enough that it doesn’t change the factor of not eating pasta often), so I don’t feel very good about preparing it for our family. Plus- it’s not Mexican. Which isn’t a total crime….but it certainly makes it much less necessary. :-D

Anyway, here’s what’s cooking:

Monday- grilled chicken pieces (probably broiled, and from the freezer), oven fries, salad, pineapple

Tuesday- taco salad- new recipe from a Taste of Homes cookbook

Wednesday- Graber’s, green bean salad

Thursday- steak (yes, again- I’m feeling rather uncreative, and there’s a lot of them in the freezer), mashed potatoes, salad, veggie

Friday- White Chili

Saturday- Taco pizza (with sauce from the freezer)

Sunday- Carmichael’s, TBD (Yes, my family’s is usually officially that way- being in on the menu plan and general plans, I usually plan according to what mom is…or help with the meal there…or bring the whole meal….or sometimes we just mooch. I figure it all balances out!)

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