Monday, January 16, 2012

Menu Plan 1/16/12 - 1/23/12 (grain and sugar free)

Well...I have way too many ideas for blog posts, including some that are just about done- but my computer access has been very limited the past week or so, so most of it's still in my brain, waiting for it's turn to get here. But...since I don't have anything to do for dinner till the end, the house is picked up, Ben's outside with Vivi and Timothy's napping (talk about the stars all aligning :-)), I get a few minutes.....yay me!

We started our grain/sweetener fast on Saturday. So far, so good....except that there's a lot of things I'd like to eat. :-) Thinking of the grain fast in terms of only being two menu plans has been helpful for making it seem not very long. And since we'll be loosening up on our sugar fast mid-way through (like using a little bit of molasses to make bread and trying a recipe for chocolate peanut butter power balls sweetened with dates- I can't wait for that one!)

This Wednesday, Ben starts student teaching, which ushers us into a new era of life!

Monday- Grilled steak stir-fry salad (we don't have a grill pan, so I just stir-fry it on the stove- still delicious!) with homemade sides, but maybe we'll get some smoothies out of the freezer later in the evening. EDIT: nevermind, I really wanted something we had oven fries, too. :-) And smoothies are happening. ;-)

Tuesday- Carmichael's, chili (beans are soaking at the moment)

Wednesday- Graber's, Ben's birthday celebration bumped from last week due to illness there, so I'm still planning on refried black beans. Already made and in the freezer. We had enchiladas (from freezer) and the beans last Wednesday since it became a home night.

Thursday- chicken taco salad (lots of fresh ingredients, salsa, sour cream, seasoned chicken, refried beans)

Friday- Creamy alfredo sauce over chicken and steamed veggies, salad

Saturday- possibly Carmichael's....meal undecided.

Sunday- spicy cheeseburger soup (an experiment, because I usually use flour to thicken it, and this time I'll be trying arrowroot, since flour's a no-no), salad

Extras- yogurt, possibly more seasoned nuts of some kind, BLT soup for lunches that are leftover-less, beans for meals and extra for the freezer. I'm not sure if there's anything else....I'm keeping my goals pretty realistic this week. :-)

Time's up! So...hopefully that's more or less everything. :-)


  1. Arrowroot thickens well, but just expect a definite texture difference. Definitely more mucous-y. Which works fine for some things, but not great for others :-).

    1. Thanks for the input...I'll have to decide if I want to try it or not. I have some other ideas- a hearty soup was just sounding good. I've used arrowroot a lot, just as a corn starch replacement, never when a recipe calls for flour. :-) BTW- I admire you!