Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life Changes, Vivi Grows Up...

...dishes take longer, involve more messes, involve a clothing change...
...dishes area fun highlight to the day, giggles are inevitable, and we stay cool splashing....

Yep, I don't think babywearing while washing dishes is something I'm going to get away with anymore. Not since she discovered she can be more involved. Observing over mommy's shoulder was good stuff....better than playing alone. But choosing between that and splashing water everywhere? The answer's obvious for a one year old. We made lots of fun memories doing dishes while I was wearing her- now here's to many years having fun doing dishes together in a new way....because my baby girl's growing up.

My in-laws have an awesome three-sink/two-faucet set up in their kitchen, so when Viv and I were doing dishes over there yesterday, I plopped her in one of them, which she loved. She had so much fun being right in as close to the action as possible. I think we just might have to make that work with our oddly-divided sink! :-)

Doing dishes twice in a day....first with mommy, then with daddy...Ben, like the amazing guy he is, virtually always does the dinner dishes, which, depending on how fast Vivi and I cooked/cleaned, and how ahead of the game we were (or how wrapped up we got in playing outside or working on projects), can sometimes be quite a job- so Vivi gets to enjoy dishes during the day with me, and in the evening with Ben.


  1. What a great idea! Peter loves water, but I'm always afraid he'll topple off the counter. I hadn't considered putting him into the sink!

  2. Yeah, plopping in the sink worked really well at Ben's parents (especially now that it's getting really hot!). :-) I just stripped her down to her (cloth) diaper, and she was so tickled in there. Our cupboards don't come all the way up to the sink, so I can situate her far back enough that there isn't danger of her falling off so long as I'm there- but I think she liked the in-sink deal even better, so that'll probably be the new normal here. :-)

    It's worked out really well- she's getting to the stage of wanting to be more involved in what I'm doing, but doesn't stand stably yet, so standing on a chair to help isn't an option...

  3. WOW shes sooo gorowing up way to fast mean yesterday she was baby now look at my little chines princess!! wow for MRS safey that looks a bit dangrus for her but of course she is still barling moving!!! <3 it!!