Friday, May 20, 2011

The Joy of Babywearing

During a few-week phase of my first trimester with this pregnancy, I did very minimal babywearing. I was exhausted all the time and nauseous part of the time. Ben was doing all the shopping, we ate plenty of Pizza Hut (for some reason, I just can’t make homemade food sound good during the 1st trimester!), and housework was minimal. I was still with Vivi all day, of course…we spent lots of time playing on the floor together. And she enjoyed playing at my feet when I was cooking or something. That’s something she still enjoys now that I’m back to normal- she’s just getting to an exploratory stage of life, and enjoys playing and getting into cupboards.

The “dry” season of wearing gave me a vivid reminder of how much Vivi loves being worn. Viviana still needs to be worn. She needs the closeness and to feel my body. She loves to play and is growing up, so she doesn’t need it all the time- but she does need some.

One day, in the middle of those few weeks, I had an unusually energetic day, so I decided to wrap my 23 ½ lb. Vivi on my back and get a bunch of housework done. As soon as Vivi saw me lay the wrap on my bed, and I put her on it, she starting squealing, squirming and laughing. It was so precious to see how excited she was to be worn again. She was even still and good while I wrapped her. She spent the whole hour or two of being worn snuggling into me, laughing, gabbing, waving her arms, and having a blast. So did I- I was so blessed to be able to meet my daughter’s needs and have such a beautiful reward.

Another time, I put her in the ergo. She was so peaceful and content to just nestle into me. I love getting to snuggle with my baby girl while doing stuff around the house!

Now, life’s back to normal….and she still loves being worn. I’m back to wearing her everyday, and we both enjoy the snuggles. I can’t wait to have a newborn I can wear all day again, along with still wearing Vivi as she needs…in the meanwhile, I’m enjoying snuggles with my Vivi, in between playtimes.

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