Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy First Birthday, Viviana!

Dear Viviana,

Happy 1st birthday, Sweetheart! It’s hard to believe you’re already a year old….this year has flown by so quickly. But not so fast that we haven’t made many beautiful memories to cherish and look back on. As I think back over the past year, I feel so overwhelmingly blessed that God chose us for each other. It’s so special to see all the different ways in which you needed me to be your mommy…and I needed you, my daughter. You’re my greatest treasure, Vivi!

At 9:37 am a year ago, I was holding you in my arms for the very first time. I was already in love with you- but seeing and holding just made me fall deeper. You were so perfect, so amazing…and I couldn’t believe God had given you to daddy and me.

We cuddled and rested the first weeks. I could barely take my eyes off you; I would hold you and just gaze at you all day long. Daddy held you lots, too- he loves his little girl so much! It was so special to just hold you and thank God for you, realizing that you really were mine. You were a couple weeks old before it ever occurred to me to try putting you down somewhere…not that it mattered, you needed 24/7 touch as a baby, so the tries didn’t go anywhere- except about once a week, for 20 minutes, which I would use to spend some time with just Daddy. But- I just didn’t really consider the possibility of laying you down- you were so beautiful, so helpless, so dependent, so needy.

Mostly, the first few months of your life were filled with beautiful memories. But there were a few struggles, too. You were a fussier baby, and had your first cry spell when you were less than 24 hours old. I felt so helpless…like I was being a bad mom, because I couldn’t find anything that soothed you. I tried nursing you, and holding you against my bare chest. And Daddy spent a lot of time walking you. Eventually I learned that so long as I was doing my best to comfort and soothe you- to be there for you- the fact that you were a fussy baby didn’t make me the world’s worst mom.

You adored your daddy- you still worship him. Every morning the first few months of your life, you would fall asleep on his chest while he worked at the computer, and I was taking a shower. You looked so sweet asleep up there. You didn’t like very many other people though, until you were a few months old.

The older you got, the more balanced you became, and by the time you were a few months old, you were a social butterfly. Everyone enjoys you, and you’ll smile for anyone you meet! I was telling Daddy the other day that although you’re only a year old, you’ve brought smiles and joy to so many lives- friends, family, strangers. Your personality is truly beautiful, and I know God’s going to use it in huge ways. You use your enthusiasm and joy to light up many people’s lives- mine and daddy’s, first and fore most, but then, many others.

Before we knew it, you were becoming more alert, holding yourself up better, and in general, growing up. We enjoyed a wonderful fall together as a family. You were (and still are!) quite the talker, with lots of stories to tell. At a year, you still don’t get around much. You can roll over and scooch, but even those methods you don’t use much. You’re content to just stay in a similar area and play with what you’ve got.

I have so many precious memories stored away of you….middle-of-the-night wakings, early morning family snuggles, the way you lit up the first time you saw a squirrel, learning new signs, laughing and being silly together, wearing you through life, watching you and daddy play, watching you explore new things, seeing you figure life out… There have been so many days when I’ve felt overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness as I hold and watch you. You’re a precious treasure, Viviana, and you’ve forever changed our lives in all the best ways!


Daddy and Mommy

A Prayer For You: Father, thank you so much for this beautiful girl you’ve blessed Ben and me with. Help us to know how best to parent her…give us the wisdom and patience to meet her individual needs, to reach out to her. Help us to reach her heart- to cultivate and capture it. Thank you for the many ways she brightens up everyday….thank you for entrusting her to us, and allowing us to taste of her beauty. Help us to continue to grow in our relationship together over the upcoming year. Help me to meet her needs even when she has a new sibling…help me to see the joys in everyday, and not get stressed, thus effecting Vivi negatively. Thank you for Vivi’s smiles and enthusiasm for life…her special personality, and the way she loves openly.

Well....I tried doing the pictures chronologically, but it put them all in that's the way they're staying. Chronologically backwards. :-)


  1. oh, this was so very beautiful. She will cherish these words from you. The Lord truly has blessed you, He is so very good! Vivi is blessed to have been put in a family where her parents love her so much. Its rare anymore.

    Many, many blessings upon your family. This was so very precious :D

  2. What a smiley little punkin! She is gorgeous, Brianna!

  3. Thank you, Patrizia! Yes, God has richly and abundantly blessed us...sometimes, it's still hard to believe that she's ours- God's gift to us, for us to cherish and raise....and now he's blessed us again! :-) I've really enjoyed putting my love of writing to use with journals for our children, starting when I first find out I'm's fun to document their lives, and how much we love them as their parents, for them. :-)

    Thanks, Jasmine and Memphis Misfit!