Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Going Green, week five- don't buy what you don't need

-This one will be short too, to make way for Vivi’s birthday post!-

Basically, the title sums it all up…it really is as simple as not buying what you don’t for real need. It helps with keeping an organized and clutter-free home, too!

Stores center around promoting their stuff, so you buy it. They come up with as many needless items as they can, promote and advertise, and suck us into buying it. They run “great deals”, and especially in large corporations, they do price it dirt cheap…so that we think, “That’s just such a great deal! I should get it just in case ___.” Not only is it causing unneeded clutter (which means it takes more time to manage your home), and wasting money, it’s also hurting people and the environment.

I’ve been thinking about this one quite a bit since this past weekend, when I ran to Walmart with my mom. Looking around, I just thought “Wow….this is so ridiculous!” So much stuff and waste and consumerism. So much of the big guy being able to buy everything super cheap so the rest of us can have for less than it’s worth. It isn’t something I’ve thought about excessively before, but I want to strive for more changes in the way I shop…like avoiding more of the big guys. I don’t think I’ll be implementing it fully by any means, or at least, not any time soon, but baby steps will make a difference. We do some things- during the summer, I shop at a local farmer’s market. When I didn’t shop there, I often bought local produce from a nearby grocery store. But I know there’s other changes I can make, too….it’s hard to figure out where to draw the line, and I’m not sure what it’ll be for us, because some of the changes I could make will mean paying more- a “consequence” to fair trade. I’m used to being able to get stuff dirt-cheap….we all are. But I’m feeling challenged, like I should be paying for products what they’re worth, instead of getting cheap junk that’s hurting someone else. Like I should be getting more local. Like I should avoid the big guns. We’ll see where it goes for us…baby steps, we’ll find ways to make it work, and I’m sure it’ll be a richly-rewarding journey!

If you have a minute, watch this excellent video…Ben and I both thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated it: The Story of Stuff.

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