Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In which pictures are worth thousands of words...

I decided to do something a little different this time around, and share a few of the things we're most passionate about through pictures with minimal words. If you've been around much, you're pretty familiar with what we believe in as parents- which could be simply summed up in: relational/attachment parenting that considers the needs of each child in the decisions we make.

So, because actions speak a whole lot louder than words, here we go....

Working together...doesn't she look like a happy helper? :-)

Exploring, touching, making messes, learning...

Working together, again...this time, messing up all mom's folded towels....

Reading together- exploring high quality literature for the sake of building family bonds, developing character and stretching our minds. First picture: The Giraffe That Walked to Paris. Second picture: a board book about farm animals. least one topic I don't need to say more on. :-)

Babywearing feels like such a phenomenal and important part of parenting naturally and meeting our children's emotional and touch needs.

What? You already got the point? Oh well..babywearing pictures are too fun!

Babywearing keeps you warm during the winter- and avoids the issues of strollers and slush.

One more for good measure...

Playing together....all as real people....

Co-sleeping....after all, what's more inviting than a bed where a sleeping angel lies?


  1. Love, love, love this post!! She is so adorable and so are you, Brianna! You're such a cute mamma.
    Beautiful family.

  2. I love these pictures!!!!

    Okay I had a question for you that popped into my dreamy mind early early this morning... Do you cook while your wearing her? I can't figure out a way to carry a baby while cutting onions or raw meat, I'd be wanting to set the baby down.

  3. Hi Sarah! Yes, I do cook while wearing her....although over the past week or so, she's discovered my kitchen cupboards, so lately I've been doing a lot of cooking with Vivi at my feet! :-)

    There are definitely safety issues, especially at certain ages/stages. When she was tiny, she was immobile and would stay tucked down in whatever I was wearing her in. Onions (and hot peppers) I did typically try to avoid while wearing her though... Otherwise, though, she couldn't really get into trouble. As she got older, she was still usually content to play with her toy and watch what I was doing, and/or small enough that if I was doing something with a sharp knife/etc. I could stand far enough back that she couldn't reach. Something else I didn't do with her is get stuff in and out of the mom does, but it's not something I've reached a level of comfort with, unless it's a pan I can grab one-handed. Now she's so grabby I can't do any cutting/anything dangerous while holding/wearing her on my hip or front- it's impossible to keep her fingers away! :-)

    BUT, I've been wearing her on my back since she was about 6 months old, and I'm comfortable doing anything (including getting stuff out of the oven, but still excepting stuff that makes all the air in the kitchen make your eyes sting) with her there. Some people wear their newborns on their backs in woven wraps- but that's something I haven't tried and don't have plans to currently.

    Anyway....I guess it probably comes down to what you're comfortable with- and could depend on the baby, too. :-) But I think most stuff is pretty easy to do when they're small and fairly immobile, and then when they're big enough to be on your back, they're entirely out of harm's way. During most seasons of life, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen- so to not wear her while cooking would be for her to spend hours a day by herself- and for Vivi particularly, that never would've worked, since she needed so many hours of touch-time.

    Thanks for stopping by again! :-)

  4. Yeah, for some reason I keep thinking wearing is on the front, but I guess with the right carrier/technique they can be on the back. I just keep thinking of the day I had my goggles on for the onions. I think I cut a bag full, and my eyes hurt even the day after. I couldn't imagine exposing a little one with developing eyes to that. Worse case scenario you save those things for when dad can wear for a bit.

  5. Yeah, the mei tai (the brown/beige/burgandy carrier), ergo (the black one- as well as other soft structured carriers...there's several good brands) and woven non-stretchy wraps are all ideal back carriers, as well as front.

    Definitely there are some things that don't work, for the sake of your little one! I made hot sauce last summer, once...I did it while she was napping in bed, and when she woke up I had Ben get her at first because I felt like my hands were still burning and didn't want to touch her. So, yeah- there's some stuff that's best saved for when Dad's around or baby's napping, if they nap in a bed at all.