Sunday, February 6, 2011


Would I have changed how I had lived
If only I had known
Our love was like a zinnia
With just a year to glow?

Would I have been more careful watering,
That I might feed the bloom,
To make her all the prettier
Before she met her doom?

Would I have gazed with more delight
Upon her gorgeous face,
To relish all her beauty
And savor every taste?

Would I have danced among her fragrance
Abandoned to her bliss,
Awakened to the joy God’s given
Beyond my greatest wish?

Would I have counted every petal
And thanked God for each one,
To make the most of every treasure
Whatever else may come?

Would I have changed how I had lived
If the future was disclosed?
Will I embrace the zinnia
When I longed for a rose?

If I just have a year to love,
May I accept the gift,
And cherish every moment
Before our paths have split.

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