Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Good Dad

I always wanted to marry a guy who would make a good dad. During the idealistic young teen years when I had “my guy” figured out to a T, it made one of the top priorities. And when I laid off some of my courtship ideals and 3 page lists, it was still of utmost importance. It would have to be visible that the guy would make a great dad, or there wasn’t a chance of it.

And Ben is the most wonderful daddy in the whole world. I knew he would be- a guy who makes time to listen to and play with siblings, friends’ children and others would have to be. A guy who helps someone else’s child just to be helpful or to show love to the child. He far surpassed my dreams.

Consequently, Vivi doesn’t just have a daddy. She has a best friend. She has a playmate. A confident. Someone who cherishes and treasures her. Someone who tells her she’s gorgeous. Ben doesn’t just view Vivi as “a baby”- or even “his baby”. He views her as a special person, with a personality that’s been unfolding since before birth.

Ben gives Viviana value. He sets aside time out of life just for her. It doesn’t matter if there are adults or more “worthwhile” beings around. He could be in the company of a bunch of friends- but it doesn’t inhibit him from communicating or playing with Vivi. I love watching their interactions. They’ll gab and gab at each other over just about anything. When we go for family walks, Ben usually takes the privilege of wearing her- and if you were to trail behind us, you’d hear them carrying out all sorts of interesting conversations, in between ones Ben and I were having. You’d hear him tell her about the trees, and when the leaves will come back. About seeing grass again. About how windy it is. Or sometimes, just about how much he loves her. They sit on the floor and play together- building tall towers out of wedgits, so Vivi can knock them down. She laughs hysterically when Daddy plays with her. They read together. In just a few months, she’ll be toddling around, and the weather will be warm. I know Ben’ll steal her outside to enjoy the sunshine and feel the grass between their toes.

Vivi’s only 9 months old, but you’d only need to observe her and Ben for about 5 minutes to discover exactly what she thinks of her daddy. I’m not a mind-reader….but sometimes, it’s just obvious. Babies are good at finding ways to express themselves. She’s never said “I love you”, but it’s written all over her face. The way she lights up when her daddy comes into the room….smiles adoringly when he takes her….gabs and gabs when he has a conversation with her…smiles at him from across the room…leaves room only to assume that she adores her daddy.

Some of the most beautiful moments in life come in the form of watching father and daughter sharing life together- walking the same journey, laughing, talking, playing. Someday, there’ll be tears and serious conversations. There’ll be breakfast with just dad, and discussing the problems of the world.

I’m so grateful- so very grateful- that Viviana has a dad like that. And that we’ll be blessed with another little one who I know Ben will cherish and love just as much. And I wish that every child could be blessed a daddy like that. A lot of the world’s problems would be solved, I think, if every little boy and girl had a daddy who was their best friend- who had faith in them- who listened to them- and most of all, who loved them unconditionally.

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  1. Such a beautiful, precious relationship!
    What a blessing he is in all your lives!