Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Small Thrills

~Seeing a man probably in his 80s, who has to use a cane as a walking aid, go all the way around his car to open the door for his wife, and help her with her walker.~

~A husband who isn’t afraid to “spank” his wife in fun, in front of the kids.~

~A couple in their 60s or 70s, holding hands and looking like 18 year olds, still very much in love.~

~A mother tenderly holding her newborn baby, right after birth.~

~A wife who starts a squirt gun fight, inside the house.~

~A couple who doesn’t mind kissing affectionately in front of the kiddos.~

~A mama with 4 or 5 kids all piled on the rocking chair with her (on her lap, next to her, on her neck) while she reads aloud.~

~A group of girls running through a grassy field with their dresses trailing in the wind.~

~A daddy playing some sort of wild game with all his children.~

~A wife who grins at her husband mischievously over several small heads.~

~A mommy nursing her baby.~

~A young child holding a baby, delight written all over his face.~

~A husband or wife who praises their spouse publicly.~

~A baby’s smile of delight.~

~Sweet chubby arms reaching out to you.~

~A couple whispering, their faces written over with sweet smiles.~

~Baby laughter.~

Togetherness. Love. Life. Joy. Playfulness. The things that matter most.


  1. It's the small things like those you mentioned that can make all the difference! :)
    Lovely list!

  2. oooooh!!! This goes along with some inspiration I had today! Love this!

  3. Thanks! :-) Yeah....the small things in life really do "make or break" it.