Saturday, January 29, 2011

Personal Goals (and more ramblings)

I’m a plan-centric person- which lends itself to being a list and goal-oriented person. I also really like to have a plan for where I’m going personally in life. If I have a goal, I know I’ll reach it. But if I just meander through each day- not only will I never reach significant goals, I’ll also feel like my days are rather unproductive and- well- meandering. If goals help you stay on task, then set them, as long as you can keep from getting totally wrapped up in them. :-) Here’s a few of my current personal goals, as well as ones recently reached. As you can see, they’re all rather family-centric, and many involve Vivi to a great degree. (after all, I can’t really master tandem wearing by myself!)

-Research baby’s first foods

-Research breastfeeding while pregnant and best diet for optimal ability to do both

-Learn how to use a mei tai

-Learn how to wear twins/tandem wear (wear two of different ages)

-Keep monthly babywearing classes going

-Expand and start mini-conferences (on babywearing) at local churches and other groups

-Investigate other teaching opportunities at our local pregnancy center

-Complete cookbook within the next year and figure out how to turn it into an e-book

I’m sure there’s many more, but that’s a general start, anyway. A good example of how having goals gets things done is learning to use a mei tai or tandem wear. Since I have many carriers I’m happy with, it takes some motivation to learn a new one, fun as it is. Setting it as a goal to eventually cross off, though, motivates me to spend 5 minutes putting Vivi “on” (as opposed to 30 seconds), and even doing it over a couple times if I don’t get it comfy the first. I probably wouldn’t have started working on tandem, either, if it wasn’t set as a goal, until I had to. (like, until I got pregnant or had another munchkin.)

As you can see, I’m currently totally engulfed in babywearing- such fun! The sad thing is, my baby’s growing up….and I probably only wear her for a few-handful of hours each day, now, because of the other things we enjoy doing together, too.

I also have some “simpler” ongoing, daily goals- these are really the essence of my life. I want to enjoy each day to the fullest possible extent, with the people I love most. I want to cherish my little girl while she’s still mine. I want to be able to just love life, and not get caught in getting overwhelmed- because if I do, I’ll miss out on some special phase of my daughter’s life, and I know I’ll regret it looking back. I want to love my husband more deeply every day, and continue to find fresh, new ways to express that. Life’s flying by at the speed of lightning. Just today, I got out the first plastic contraption- a high chair. (No, Vivi isn’t eating yet- we’ll let her start trying in 3 weeks, when she turns 9 months. But she loves having a spoon and cloth napkin and sitting in a chair, just like us). Whatever else I do, I don’t want to live life in a way I’ll regret 10 years down the road. Today is when I have my daughter and husband. Tomorrow I’ll still have laundry, but I might not have them.

How can I even dare consider getting overwhelmed by laundry or meals when I have people to love? I do….but isn’t it so ridiculous? I mean, that stuff will be here forever. Why would I think for a moment of letting it shut out the ability to love life and cherish relationships?

Yeah….lately I’ve been rather sentimental…being a mom makes you so keenly aware of how fast life flies. My baby girl isn’t really a baby anymore, and it’s just a little bit sad. (It would be a lot sad if she wasn’t so stinkin’ cute!)

What are your daily goals? What do you hope to achieve long term or in each day? Does it visibly change the course of events in your day?


  1. Vivi is growing up so fast. She is a gem, and beautiful treasure created by God; and she has the special privilege of having the best Mama in the world. I'm so glad she has a Mama who loves her so much!
    I love you!

  2. Oh thank you for the reminder Brianna! Just last evening, I was so overwhelmed as I still had 20 things to do before bed, and the littles and Matt kept asking more and more of me. I was getting so irritated and snapping at them everytime they approached me....couldn't they see my plate was already so full? I hated being that way and quickly bit my tongue and tried to change my attitude. All that stuff will be there tomorrow...but they might not be. It's so easy to lose focus and get caught up in the mundane. So happy you have your focus in the right spot!

  3. I love having goals and learning new things. I've always been that way too :)
    Wouldn't it be fun if you had twins someday? I'd love to have twins but being a twin myself.. not sure if that would happen or not. God knows :)
    My little sister has a greater chance though because her grandfather is a twin.

  4. I love you, Ben! :-)

    Holly- somehow it's too easy to get stuck in that...even if is ridiculous. But I've really enjoyed paying attention to avoiding it!

    Samantha- yeah, I've always thought twins could be a lot of fun. I guess we'll Dad's a twin, so... It would definitely be a busy first year or so, and take some creativity to implement my ideals of mothering with twins (but very doable, and well worth it!) How did you and your sister like growing up as twins?