Friday, January 14, 2011


Warning: non-typical post....filled with rambling.... :-)

I feel so blessed! Truly, deeply, overwhelmingly, richly blessed. Not just in an obligated way, but for real. I don’t deserve anything I have- but I’m so grateful! I’ve been blessed with the most wonderful husband in the whole world, and an amazing, beautiful daughter. Viviana brings me so much joy everyday, it’s incredible. She’s brought challenges, too, but mostly, an extreme amount of joy. Today I got to hold her close to me (in a Kozy Carrier) while shopping, and share lots of kisses and smiles… Today, I got to watch her and Ben play on the floor- Vivi laughing hysterically while Ben made all sorts of noises with flying and crashing animals. It made my heart sing- both to have such a wonderful husband (and daddy for my little girl!) and to have such a precious daughter. Today, I laid in bed an extra ten minutes after Viviana fell asleep nursing for her nap just to enjoy feeling her cradled in my arms, and watch her peacefully breath. Today, I enjoyed hanging out with my hubby. Today, I was treated to a foot and shoulder massage… Today, I made an extra effort to bless my man…

Today’s been a reminder of what’s important in life. Today, I’m cherishing my most loved ones. Today’s slipping by quickly, and I don’t want to be guilty of pushing my family aside for something else. I know that’s easy for me to say right now, having only one munchkin and being in a season of life that’s rather easy.

I just want to hold my family close and enjoy every moment with them. Viviana’s growing up so fast- she’s hardly a baby anymore! I have mixed feelings…it’s hard not to miss my sweet baby, but, luckily for her, she grows cuter every day and watching each new development is so delightful! As I’ve been experimenting with a new baby carrier this week, I’ve enjoyed spending several hours a day wearing Vivi, and planning activities that go well with babywearing (i.e. housework and cooking!). It’s been so much fun having my little girl in kissing range and snuggled in my arms as we share life together.

Today, I love. And am loved. And I know I didn’t do anything to deserve such a life or such an awesome family….but I’m enjoying every moment of it!

**As a side note, in case you ever wonder what the connection is between the baby who taught me lots of lessons and the baby who’s angelically good, here’s the scoop… She’s gradually changed and become less and less “high-needs.” Vivi’s the happiest, most social baby I know! I think some might still think of her as a little more needy, but I don’t- she just has the basic needs to be held and cherished, and for a good sleep routine that each baby has (or most). She smiles and grins and coos and is just generally happy- not to mention extremely easy. I think we owe it to a few things. One is just her personality, matured. I believe she has a very friendly, vibrant personality, like me. She’s also a bit high strung (umm, yeah, that would be like me, too)….which contributed largely to the issues she had earlier in life, when she just couldn’t handle the stimulation. A huge factor in the change-over is the fact that she’s very well-rested. Our lives pretty much center around her sleep needs. When she’s well-rested she’s content and happy. So we make it happen, end of story. I know she was chronically over-tired when she was little, due to being easily over-stimulated. Around 2 or 3 months we spent a rigorous couple months totally enslaving ourselves to her sleep needs, and making up for the previous months. Voila! Different baby… And now, since in general she’s so well rested, and sleeps so well (you don’t need to get green with envy, she still nurses often at night- but by my expectations, she sleeps well), not getting home exactly in time for a nap or regular bedtime is perfectly okay. She handles it perfectly well. And, for a third- I like to think babywearing contributes to it. :-) Just because….her needs are being met, and she’s always in a social environment.

Congratulations if you made it through this very rambly post! :-)


  1. LOL! Great post! Sounds great!

    May I ask, are you co-sleeping with Vivi? My mom found that helped lots in the feeding/sleeping cycle. She got more sleep with the last one as she would fall asleep nursing him.

    I think it's cool you are making sure she gets enough sleep. I am grumpy if I'm overtired, so it would only make sense the little ones would be too!

  2. Sarah, yes, we've co-slept from day one. We all love it- not only does it make life so much easier, it's really been a truly beautiful experience. And, as mentioned here ( it hasn't negatively effected our marriage. :-D As for our issues in the early months, I'm totally convinced God just had a few lessons for me to learn... :-)
    Yeah- it's sometimes frustrating how much people just expect their babies to adapt to everything and be happy even when they're exhausted- considering us mature people don't always handle overtiredness very well, and we at least have enough social understanding to realize what is and isn't appropriate behavior!!!