Monday, December 6, 2010

That Moment

[written a month or two ago- but still just as true :-)]

Tonight I’m remembering….remembering labor and delivery for our beautiful baby girl. And most especially remembering that moment….that moment when I gave the final push and our baby’s head came out- then one shoulder- then the other shoulder- and finally her whole body came sliding out into the hands of our midwife, and then into my arms. Oh my goodness….words can’t possibly begin to describe what that moment was like. When I felt Viviana making her grand entrance into the world- and scooped her up- and looked at our baby for the first time. When I saw perfection written all over her face and body and realized this was our baby that God gifted us with….that I had spent the last 30 hours bringing her into the world….that this was the baby I spent 2 ½ hours pushing out…this was the precious little one who’d kicked and stretched inside my womb for 9 months… Such joy, exhilaration, fullness, completeness, awe, sweetness….such perfection. One of the most amazing experiences of my life, and one I’ll never forget. And tonight….I’m looking forward to doing it again, should God bless us with more bundles….there would be few things as wonderful as bringing forth another life into the world through labor and love.

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