Monday, December 6, 2010

Sharing Life Together

Sharing life together. It’s what Ben and I love to do….we don’t just exist together, coming together for certain activities. We live together. We’ve learned to be interested in the other’s interests, we enjoy the same activities together, we talk about everything together…. There’s something really special about sharing life with someone!

And now that we have a beautiful daughter, I get to share life with her, too. As a babywearing mama, I get to share life with my daughter all day. Babywearing means I share my daily activities with her, letting her observe and learn from her perch as I clean, cook, and work on projects. The fact that I get all those things done with her attached to me means that I also get to share in things geared at her- playing on the floor with her, reading to her, going for walks outside to explore nature. It also means that when she naps, I have free time to work on things she doesn’t enjoy (and/or I don’t want her to) like writing on the computer or sewing.

Most of all, though, it means that she and I are creating bonds. Just like Ben and I have since our engagement. It means we’re forging a special relationship that has elements which can only come alive where you work and play together.

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  1. love this Brianna, thank you! SO many husbands, wives, and families just "co-exist". So sad!