Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Learning from the Sling

I wrote this in Viviana’s journal last week: You’ve discovered that you can grab things, and you love doing so! You also seem like you’re really figuring out life, and you love helping mommy with all kinds of stuff throughout the day. That’s one of the things I love about sharing life with you, Sweetheart- as you ride along in a carrier, you get to learn all about my day, figuring out life, and then during our breaks, we get to play and gab on the floor together, or enjoy a good book. Dinner plates and the stuff on them fascinate you- especially considering how much you love the taste of vanilla (for teething), clove oil (for teething), garlic, and Echinacea, I know you’re going to love food once we start on that adventure! When I was doing dishes with you kangaroo-style in the sling, you had a blast grabbing onto my arm while I scrubbed something hard, reaching for pots with me, and touching the water. When we put clothes away, now, you love grabbing onto the pile, and helping me put them away. When we were sewing this morning, you enjoyed “helping” me hold the fabric, turn it, crinkle it, and pull it. You also love grabbing for your toys, and the past few days, you’ve especially enjoyed grabbing and chewing on some of your teething toys.

If you’ve been around here much, or know me very well, you know I’m a huge fan of babywearing. I’m a fan of it for so many reasons…including sharing life. Another reason I think it’s so wonderful is that I believe it’s highly educational, giving little ones a front row perch from which to learn about everything, eventually getting their hands involved in “helping”. Observing right at your level is about as ideal a learning center as it gets!

So….you can imagine my excitement over the past couple weeks as Viviana’s begun figuring things out and helping me. I knew she was learning, but I didn’t expect to see tangible results at just 6 months old. It’s so thrilling to see what I believe in unfolding, perfectly true. To see and help my daughter learn about life. To enjoy working together, and playing together. Life is a lot of fun when you’re helping a little munchkin learn to love and appreciate it! It’s a good personal challenge, too- if she’s learning so much, she’s also definitely picking up on my attitude, which happens to be rather contagious. I want her to see life as fun and exciting- but she only will if it’s what I model.

So, we shall continue to share life- I can’t wait to see what all she continues to learn! I know I need only blink a couple times, and she’ll be standing on a chair next to me in the kitchen….or wanting to use her own scissors to cut fabric….putting her own clothes away….where does time go?

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