Thursday, December 9, 2010

Edelweiss Patterns

Edelweiss Patterns is a fairly new website, created by a twenty-one year old stay-at-home daughter, with a passion for modesty and- by all appearances- Sound of Music. The creator, Katrina, is a pattern-creator, currently focusing on Sound of Music style dresses. Right now, they have “Liesl’s dancing dress” available, with more that will be coming soon. She also offers several different stretch laces, to be used to fill in low necklines. What a fantastic idea! One of Katrina’s focuses is helping people turn immodest clothes from the store into modest, stunning creations. And that brings me to my favorite product- an e-book detailing how to do so with tons of items, from t-shirts to formal wear!

Here’s what Katrina says about the book: “ Here is your key to adjusting those store-bought tops, dresses, and formal gowns so you can actually wear them! No more having to pass up a beautiful garment just because it is too low or strapless! With these instructions you’ll be able to take a piece of clothing from immodest to modest in half an hour or less.

This book contains many helpful methods for altering clothing, along with detailed instructions and corresponding photographs. We discuss everything from t-shirts to eveningwear, and prove that the “too-low”, “strapless”, “off-the shoulder”, and “spaghetti strap” problems can easily be fixed in ways that produce stunning dresses, and most of them in a short amount of time. You’ll never need to cover up a gorgeous formal with a shawl again!”

I’m really excited about reading and trying some of her ideas, because it’s so frustrating to never be able to find anything in the stores! Especially something cute…. And personally, I really like the look that a v-neck with something under it can lend, so I’m looking forward to trying some of her ideas.

During my last pregnancy, almost all of my tops were v-necks (because those were the only cute ones!), and I only had one shirt that worked well to wear under them- definitely a laundry problem. Hopefully not so this time!

*I’m being compensated for this post with a free copy of Katrina’s e-book.*

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