Sunday, November 21, 2010

Uniquely Created

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{written 2 months ago}

I have a little sister, Brylee, who’s just five weeks older than my daughter, Viviana. It’s been a lot of fun to see them grow up side by side, noting their developmental differences, as well as how different and unique their personalities are. With having Viviana attached to me so much, I haven’t gotten to interact with Brylee a ton, though I usually get to hold her for a few minutes whenever we’re over there, and often try to find a slot to play with both girls on the floor. Last week, though, Viviana (4 months) took a 45 minute nap on my mom’s bed, while Brylee (5 months) was awake. We had a ball for quite a while, playing and snuggling together. I might not be as involved in her life as I was in some of my other siblings’ lives, but I love my little sis very much! And it hit me, as we were laughing on the floor together, how uniquely created each baby is. Before having my own, the babies I was closest to were always my mom’s, which came one at a time, so there were never 2 in the same stage. Now that we have our own, my mom has a little one, and some of our siblings are married with children, too, we’re seeing more of babies close to us who’re close in age to each other. I might get to play with and take care of Vivi all day every day, but Brylee is different. She’s a different person with different features and personality traits. And just as Viviana needs to be valued as a person, so does Brylee. Neither one is “just a baby”- they’re each people. Babies are just as relational as adults- and one would never think that because they already interacted with one adult that day, they didn’t need to with any others, because they’d “had their fill”. You treat adults like individual people, and so you should babies.

Each baby develops just a bit differently, has a different laugh, different interests, and so on. Brylee is nice and laid back, very much a “go with the flow” kind of girl. Viviana, on the other hand, seems to have more of a “take charge” personality, and knows what she wants, when. Each is special. God loves the little children, and has time for each and every life. Likewise, so should we.

In some recent research, I was reading an article telling how babies don’t need time focused just on them. They’re happy to be just carried around all day, but they don’t need us to focus our time and energy on them. She went so far as to say that this confuses them and upsets their world. Her evolutionary-based world view was evident in nearly every sentence. Obviously, she didn’t cherish life as special, unique and individual. She simply saw us as creatures continually evolving. How sad….and really far-strayed from the example Christ sets for us.

A baby may not distinctly remember you playing with and talking to them- but I guarantee they’ll be permanently effected by how you do (or don’t) interact with them. A baby is hugely affected by how we treat them even if, as adults, their clear memories don’t extend back that far. As babies, children and later adults, they’ll feel more secure, loved, and accepted for the time we give into their lives, treating them as individuals.

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