Monday, March 1, 2010

Creative Initiating

Disclaimer: this post is geared at married folks, being primarily about bedroom creativity. :-)

Ben’s not at all an asker, or taker. He’s a giver, through and through, and doesn’t like to ask anything of anyone for his own sake. Through our marriage thus far, though, he’s worked at getting better at being able to ask me for things. (and during our engagement, as well). One of those areas is sex. He doesn’t want to ask me for something that “might” possibly be an inconvenience, or at an inconvenient time. As he’s worked at getting past that (though he’s still extremely considerate), he’s come up with some rather creative initiating ideas, one in particular which I really enjoyed.

He left a note on top of a favored piece of lingerie, telling me that I really looked beautiful in it, and he’d love to see me in it over the weekend at some point. He told me I was very desirable to him. I loved the fact that he was willing to share his desires with me, and felt pretty special being reminded that I’m beautiful in his eyes.

I still get to do a lot of initiating in our intimacy, which I greatly enjoy as an opportunity to be creative, bless Ben, and let him know that I’m thinking about him and his needs. I’ve failed in this department, too….but God’s good at using even our failures to strengthen and refine us!

Does your husband like it when you initiate? What are some of the creative things you’ve done?

Ben really appreciates it when I plan ahead, and put forethought into creating something special. Plenty of spontaneity gets mixed in, too, but it’s special to know that your spouse spent time thinking and planning how they might bless you. Some of the creative things I’ve enjoyed doing:

-Writing a letter of invitation, and letting him know what I have in store.
-Waking him up on weekends dressed in lingerie.
-Planning a special evening/afternoon/dinner/etc. ahead of time…or a whole weekend.

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