Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Being Spontaneous

This weekend, Ben and I stopped at Walmart on our way home from another activity. On the way out, it was spontaneously suggested that we get a pretzel and frozen lemonade to share. A few minutes later, the groceries were in the trunk, and we were in the back seat, enjoying our spur-of-the-moment date. We both had a great time, and enjoyed doing something creative that wasn’t preplanned. It only cost a few dollars, too.

“Dates” don’t have to be expensive. Sometimes the best ones are the times you do something really unique, or take the time to do something unplanned with no notice. It might be going to a restaurant just for dessert, instead of a meal, or hanging out in the back seat of your vehicle. It could be going for a hike, or taking a picnic to the park. Creativity is a large part of keeping romance kindled, and can be a whole ton of fun.

What have some of your favorite creative dates been?

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