Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The fruit of sacrifice

Over a long engagement (21 months and 10 days at this point - it will be almost 22 months total), Brianna and I have had to make a whole lot of sacrifices. We've had to sacrifice the desire to spend more time together, sacrifice the desire to be able to hold each other through the tough times, sacrifice our desires to just get married as soon as possible... :-) The sacrifices haven't been easy, and some have been quite difficult as we wait. But every single one has blessed us in the end. Looking back, we can see that the sacrifices have proved our love for each other, and have made our love for each other more real, grounding it and solidifying it.
On the day we got engaged, we loved each other with all of our hearts. But the sacrifices over the months have made that love "real", applying it in real ways through our lives. And the fruit of the sacrifices is that we have a love far deeper, far more real, far stronger than we ever dreamed possible.



  1. I've known of you two through my subscribsion to Hidden Wisdom magazine, but I never connected you two together.☺ How exciting to find out that you not only know each other, but are also engaged! I look forward to reading about the rest of your journey together. God bless you two abundantly!!!

  2. How hard it must be to wait so long... but O how your wrote, "it is worthy it!" Thank you for sharing how your unity has been strengthened by your daily sacrifices.