Monday, April 27, 2009

Love is the best argument

From my experience, I have noticed that many, if not most, ideas that people are emotionally passionate are about are actually an emotional reaction against something that happened in their past that hurt either them or someone they dearly love. They emotionally attach an opposing idea to a hurt that was experienced in the past, and react against anyone who broadcasts that idea.
For example, consider a person who is turned off by Christianity because a Christian judged them and made them feel like trash. They are violently opposed to the whole idea of Christianity because of the rejection they have felt.
A person who is emotionally reacting against something will not be convinced of an idea mentally. In fact, if a person is debating with someone who is emotionally reacting against their ideas, often the dogmatic friction of the debate will cause more hurt instead of bringing healing.
What people need is love and grace, not mental debates. Love will reach through the barriers and offer healing to a hurting heart. This is what the world needs, not more judgment from the Church...



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  2. Good thoughts Ben. People truly are against things because of emotion. Their emotions over-ride good judgment in most cases. My mom is against guns because my father did not practice good safety with his, and because of the news media's play on her emotions (when a trajedy happens).

    Matthew Cart

  3. Matthew, that is a perfect example... It is sad sometimes how emotion trumps good judgement, but our emotions are a part of how God created us, and we need to learn to deal with them.