Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Love is the best argument - part 2

Yesterday I shared some of my thoughts on the emotional reactions that people have because of being hurt in the past. Those insights have helped me to let go of feeling like I have to debate with people, and just love them instead.
I've also come to recognize emotional reactions in my own life. I'm a sensitive guy, and am deeply emotional, even when I'm good at hiding it. Because of my sensitivity, there are many issues that have hurt me, which I react against now.
It is Brianna's love that heals me from hurts in the past. She doesn't have to debate against my emotional reactions - she loves me through them, and it is her love that heals the scars.
Love is the best argument. Love wins the heart over in a way a debate over truth never could. Love heals hurts in the past. Love lifts a person above the ruts they are stuck in better than anything else can.


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